Connect a gamepad

Connect an xBox or PS3 gamepad and you will see a visual representation right here of every joystick movement and button press.

Make sure that you're using the right version of Firefox and have installed any necessary drivers for your gamepad and OS combination.


This demo has been created as a visual representation of the JavaScript Gamepad API that has been introduced to both Firefox and Chrome. Right now the demo requires a special build of Firefox Nightly or Chrome Dev to work.

Rob Hawkes is the author of this demo. He is a Technical Evangelist at Mozilla who focusses on game development on the Web.

Known issues

There are a few bugs and aspects of this demo that are known not to work:

  • Requires a custom build of Firefox
  • Limited gamepad support (xBox, PS3 and Logitech F510)
  • Some hidden shoulder buttons and triggers are missing
  • Potential quirks with the same controller on a different OS


You can download the source code on GitHub. Feel free to modify it and please send a pull request if you make any substantial changes that should be implemented here.

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